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Published on December 11th, 2012 | by Brittany Johnston


Check Out These Great X-Men Cosplays

If you read comics, you’ve heard of the X-Men, that band of diverse characters that has been transitioned from comic book page to the big screen in some of the most successful movies to date. It’s no surprise they are also quite popular amongst cosplayers. Here are some unique and fun interpretations of the various heroes.

x-men cosplay

Psylocke by Linda Le (Vampy)

x-men cosplay

Female version of Cyclops by Nadya Sonika

x-men cosplay

Wolverine by IamtheWolverine

x-men cosplay

Mystique by Meluxine

x-men cosplay

Wolverine by Lightkast

x-men cosplay

Mystique and Gambit by KellyJane and TealPirate

x-men cosplay

Jean Grey / Phoenix by Nemo Valkyrja

x-men cosplay

Nightcrawler by Unknown (source)

And there you have it folks, some fun and unique takes on the X-Men!  For more awesome cosplays, check out our post entitled “Amazing Superhero Cosplay

Do you know of some we’ve missed or do you have your own cosplay photos you’d like to submit? We’re always looking for material, please [iphorm_popup id=1 name="Photo Submissions"]click to submit your photos[/iphorm_popup] and share your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks!

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2 Responses to Check Out These Great X-Men Cosplays

  1. DJ Rony says:

    The Nightcrawler is kind of new to me. never saw that cosplay again.

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