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Published on February 1st, 2013 | by Destiny Nickelsen


Cosplayer Spotlight: Personal Favorites Of A Fellow Costuming Addict

As some of you probably already know, I am an avid con-goer, and very much into that whole crazy cosplay thing. I have been in the scene for a few years now, and it has been a very interesting experience for me to see how much the cosplay scene has grown in just a few years time. People like myself went from being weirdos in dorky costumes, to amazing artists who are being recognized for their extreme arts and crafts and celebrated.

As costumers, we put so much effort in to trying to become the characters we love. We sacrifice our spare time, money, and much more to be able to achieve excellence in our chosen hobby, and sometimes we don’t even get noticed for it.

It’s a very competitive world that we as cosplayers chosen to be a part of, and a lot of us do it for many different reasons. Some people like the attention, some like the challenge of bringing something fictional to life, some may just simply have a huge passion for a good needle and thread, but I think the one thing we all have in common is we love what we do and it makes us happy, whatever the reason may be.

In such a competitive arena, it’s very common that the public develops an eye for favorite costumers. While that’s fine, a lot of the time, one person will continue to gain popularity, while some others who are just as talented, accurate, or skilled will be left in the background. This can be frustrating when so much work is put into what you’re doing, even if you’re not trying to win a popularity contest. Everyone wants to be recognized for their accomplishments, and if you try to say otherwise I probably won’t believe you.

I think there are tons of amazing artists in this field, many of which I am lucky enough to call friends. Very often we see popular geek news websites, bloggers, or photographers promoting the latest big name costumer on the scene, but I wanted to spotlight a few of my personal favorites from my point of view as a fellow costumer, that I think need a little recognition.

I wanted to share those who maybe not be as popular, but have just as much talent and heart as the next guy. Because I believe that even in a popularity-driven field, that’s not what the heart of it should be about. We need to remember that at the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of geeks in costumes bringing to life things that inspire us. It’s not about who can get the most fans or attention. It’s about what makes us happy. and that doesn’t need to be forgotten.

So without further ado, here are some of the most talented, heart-driven cosplayers I’ve seen.

Anti Ai-chan Cosplay

Anti Ai-Chan is one of the most talented cosplayers I know! Her attention to detail is amazing, and she’s an absolute sweetheart. She is down to earth, funny, and shares a lot if information on how she crafts, as well as great tutorials.

Plus, she’s a huge Batman fan, so there are a million instant cool points.

[justified_image_grid ids=437,436,435,434]

You can follow her on Twitter: @antiaichan
And on Facebook:

Casey Anne Cosplay

Casey is a dedicated costumer and con-lover who puts all her heart and soul into crafting her costumes, often stitching things by hand! She is constantly learning and improving, and I think she is definitely one to watch. She was also recently featured on IGN START’s “Geek Love” series, and as a fellow Zelda fan-girl, I am obligated to back this chick.

[justified_image_grid ids=699,698,697,696]

You can find her on Twitter: @xladieluck
And on Facebook:

 Bethany Maddock

Bethany is a graphic designer and huge Mortal Kombat nerd. Her costumes are incredible, and she makes everything by hand. Her Lady Scorpion makes me ten different kinds of happy. She’s super sweet, friendly, and definitely deserves the title of nerd.

[justified_image_grid ids=700,703,702,701]

Follow her on Twitter: @Blmaddock
And on Facebook:

 Moka Busujima Luna Pérez

Moka is a cosplayer from Mexico that I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know. She’s so kind and loving to others and puts her heart into the costumes she makes. She’s doing a great job of repping nerd culture and awesome cosplay over in Mexico.

[justified_image_grid ids=712,711,710,709]

You can follow her on Twitter: @Moka_Busujima
And on Facebook:

 Anna Von Winter

Anna is a dear friend of mine, and she’s one of the most dedicated people I know, the kind of dedication where she shaved her head to be an accurate Asajj Ventress. Whoah. Anna is a creative type who loves period costuming, and loves coming up with her own costume pieces as well as the classics. She and her man also do some amazing custom leather work and are creating a name for themselves in the costume world.

[justified_image_grid ids=716,715,714,713]

You can find her on Twitter: @AnnaVonWinter
And on Facebook:
Leather work with TNXB Creations:

 Dustin Dorough

Let’s not keep this a girls-only party. Meet my friend Dustin, a cape-clad good guy who not only costumes, but does charity work while in uniform. Dustin has recently made his way as a regular on the con circuit, and has been using the attention he gets to help out ill children. He is currently funding his “Hospital Heroes Tour”, where he is visiting at least one hospital in each of the US States this year. He is using his uniform as way to bring some cheer to the children, by posing for photos, bringing them certificates of heroism for fighting their illnesses with bravery, and delivering superhero trinkets and toys. He’s definitely a hero in my book.

[justified_image_grid ids=724,723,722,721,720]

You can find him on Twitter: @DustinDorough
And on Facebook:
You can get more info/help the Hospital Heroes tour here:

I hope you all will check out these wonderful people and costumers.

Until next time, folks.

About the Author

Destiny is a passionate gamer and comic book nerd who has a huge passion for Cosplay. When she isn’t hovering over her most recent costume project, or at her regular job, you can find her spending time with her pets and family or glued to the latest Xbox game. She can be found lurking the interwebs and sharing her love of all things nerd on Twitter and Facebook

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